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Customers Experience

My name is Stacie Roy and I visited "Any Lab" with my grandson "Tyson".

Unfortunately I doubted the paternity of my grandson due to the mother's infidelity early on in the relationship with my son. Coming to the lab was a very hard decision for me but a necessary one.

The medical assistant explained the easy procedure for both Tyson and me and within a week we had the results we had hoped for.I would recommend this lab to friend's and family.
Stacie Roy
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DNA Testing FAQ

Is Home DNA Testing the way for me to go?

You might think that an at-home DNA test is easier than coming in for a test. But there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider ANY LAB TEST NOW® DNA tests instead.

1. ANY LAB TEST NOW® can be the neutral third party in case you and your partner don’t trust each other’s results.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it happen. The alleged father might do a paternity test at home, but the mother doesn’t believe those results because she thinks the father may have tampered with them. By coming to us at ANY LAB TEST NOW® – even separately if you like – you have one independent party doing the swabbing and confirming clear, solid results for both parties once and for all.

2. ANY LAB TEST NOW® can help you find the right test if one partner is not available for a paternity test?

Our trained specialists at ANY LAB TEST NOW® are here for you to answer any inquiries or concerns you have about your test. It’s the personal touch that no at-home test can match.

A test with ANY LAB TEST NOW® can be every bit as confidential as an at-home DNA test.

Don’t leave a sensitive situation like confirming your child’s parent to a DNA test out of a box. Trust ANY LAB TEST NOW® to deliver quality experience and test results you deserve.

FAQ DNA Testing

What if one partner is not available for a paternity test?

For example, if the alleged father is not available. ANY LAB TEST NOW®, can offer other paternity tests that can be done through relatives of that potential parent, like aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. to find the answer to your paternity questions.

What if you have questions about the results?

Our trained specialists at ANY LAB TEST NOW® can answer any questions you have and explain the test results to you.

If you have more questions contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable medical assistants. Call
(815) 397-8370   for free information.