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6254 E Riverside Blvd
Loves Park, IL 61111
Phone:  (815) 397-8370
Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat: 8am-12:30pm
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  • Se Habla Espanol
  • No Doctor’s Order Needed
  • Work-friendly Hours, Including Saturdays
  • No Insurance Needed
  • Confidential and Anonymous
  • No Insurance? No Problem!™
  • Most Results In 24 – 48 Hours

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Hi, I am very happy that I found this place. They are very informative and kind people. Thanks for your help.
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About Us

Founded in 1992 by David Perlow, M.D., ANY LAB TEST NOW® provides the public with best-in-class lab services without the hassle or expense of a doctor referral – or insurance.

ANY LAB TEST NOW offers fast, affordable, convenient and reliable lab testing. All of our tests are 100% confidential and only you see the results. No doctor referrals or insurance needed. No unwanted questions. Just the tests you need when you need them without waiting.

ANY LAB TEST NOW® ss revolutionizing the health care industry by offering direct-to-consumer laboratory testing services that provide a convenient, confidential, reliable and affordable way for consumers to take control of their health care costs and provide them complete access to their health information.


  • Is a healthcare lab testing facility that provides thousands of medical lab tests to consumers and employers in a professional, convenient and cost-effective way.
  • You will be seen in 15 minutes or less with most results back in 24 to 48 hours!!!
  • Delivers the same high quality tests that your doctor or hospital would order.
  • Doesn’t require a doctor visit to order your lab tests
  • Doesn’t require a prescription. Just stop by the lab for your test and your secure, confidential test results. The results can be sent to you via a confidential online portal.
  • Uses only federally and state certified clinics to process your lab tests
  • Provides fully fully trained, experienced and certified staff that is always willing to answer all your questions and provide you with best service possible.


Extremely fast service meets extremely high accuracy.

We’ve partnered with the largest CLIA-certified diagnostic, DNA and toxicology
laboratories in the country to bring you the highest-quality tests
with the most accurate results – which you can usually receive within 48 hours.

Now you can order affordable blood tests and receive your results confidentially, without visiting your doctor. We deliver the same high quality tests that your doctor would order. To make sure that our tests are of the highest quality and deliver the most accurate results, we are affiliated with the major fully accredited Medical Reference Lab in the U.S.

Come to our clean, brand new facility collection facility where our friendly and professional staff will help you with all your questions and provide you the best service possible.

Our tests are extremely affordable with no hidden charges, taxes or draw fees for blood. You receive most results fast and you can decide how you want to receive them. We can call you and you come to pick them up or we can email, mail or fax them to you. You can also access your lab results confidentially online.

There are thousands of medical lab testing facilities but there’s only one way that’s the most efficient for individuals or employers. And that’s right here, at ANY LAB TEST NOW®.

lab test contact us
6254 E Riverside Blvd
Loves Park, IL 61111
Phone:  (815) 397-8370
Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat: 8am-12:30pm